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Mr Rajesh Chavla

These coffee pills have been working with my body to increase my metabolism. Over the 3 months that I have been taking them I have been eating the same foods I normally do and am not gaining weight. I don’t workout either and I have still managed to lose about 10 kilograms. These pills are great if your metabolism needs a boost and I would recommend them.

Mr. Ajay

I’m satisfied with my purchase of Gold plus green coffee. It has done what it says and has been helping me to lose a steady amount of weight each week. I can feel my energy increase about 30 minutes after taking these pills. I also feel safe taking them because they haven’t made me feel ill and are made from natural ingredients. I just finished my first bottle and have lost a total of 3.5 kilos. I will continue.


No side effects after two weeks. This stuff is really helpful. I have lost 4 Kilos and counting. I feel stronger now than before taking this diet pill. My goal is to lose 10 Kilos, so I have 5 more to go. I think I can get to my goal weight in just 3 more months. This stuff is fast acting and I am full of energy.

Mrs.Sonika Kiran

I have lost 3 pounds within the first 30 days, I am really impressed with the gold plus green coffee beans as I don't want to snack as much and I feel a lot better for this,

Mr.Anand raj

I really like this product. I've lost 4 kg in just one month, without any dieting. I would recommend it to those serious about losing weight. It helps by suppressing your appetite, and I don't feel hungry in between meals. Great product!

Mrs.Shilpa Guptha

I had tried another brand of Coffee Bean Extract before, with very little result, but tried this one based on the positive reviews.I must say that the difference is impressive. I've lost 2 pounds per two weeks with no change to diet, I also have tons of energy!

Mr. Ananth Narayan

It helped me to decrease my appetite and made me feel less hungry. It's a fantastic product that makes me consider how worthy it is. I would recommend it to the other customers with pleasure.

Mrs. Ayesha Begam

I am glad I tried these pills. I gained lots of weight the past year because of stress related issues. I have been using these pills for 5 weeks and I have lost a total of 4kgs so far. I am hoping that in time they will also help my metabolism speed up so I can lose even more weight each week. I will be buying more when I run out.

Mr. Kiran Nair

Gold plus Green coffee bean has been working pretty well for me. I just started 2 weeks ago so far I have lost 2 kilograms and the only thing I have been doing differently is not overeating as much because when I take these I am not as hungry and don’t feel the need to eat more than one helping. They have been great so far and I hope I keep getting these benefits from it.

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